Developing .NET Web Services with XML - David Jorgensen

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Web Services provide a new level of interaction to all kinds of applications. The ability to access and use a remote Web Service to perform a function within an application enables programmers to quickly deliver more sophisticated applications in less time. Programmers no longer have to create and maintain all functions of an application. Reusability is also greatly enhanced by creating multiple Web Services that perform functions in multiple applications, thus freeing up time and resources to work on other aspects of specific projects.

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Reupload this plz
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i don't need this for now but want to give you reps++ for this contribution :)
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Interested to see what's inside. +repeed
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Hey madlyboy thank you for this. IF you can plesae update this with latest :) once again thanks and rep
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looks great!
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Please upload new links, thanks.
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